Cort & Teri Family

{ meet cort & teri! }

{ meet cort & teri’s fam: }

they have a gorgeous white house with the most amazing cherry tree

and it was perfectly in bloom the day of our last-minute shoot.
we were so lucky for nice weather to catch these right before dad deployed
the big brothers love climbing high into trees
(and making funny faces – boys!)
little sister was quite the little artistic director
…she had a vision for how the shots should be styled!
they are an awesome family with so much love
& energy & fun!
plus they have a sweet treehouse. with screens & everything.
thanks for the fun time, you guys!!!
I think my cheeks were as sore as yours from all the laughing by the end of the night.

cort & teri, sitting in a tree…
k. i. s. s. i. n. g….



This image is from a recent family shoot I did… (coming soon!)
And this beautiful tree is right outside their house.
And it is now spring!!
And that makes me oh so happy.

at the farm

We had a fun day at the pumpkin farm with some friends
…um, way back in October
I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of these beautiful kiddos.
The warm fall late afternoon sun is my favorite.
and since today is 70 degrees (just a short trick!), I’m about ready for warm fall sunlight again soon.
warm thoughts, especially to friends up north or out west who are frozen/covered!!

And we walked in fields of gold…

{ meet the frame fam }
Frame… such a fitting name for such a frame-worthy photogenic family!
He is an osprey pilot for the USMC.
She is learning to decorate cakes,
that is, when school is NOT canceled…
6-year old S is silly & smart & has the cutest giggle around.
(Well, almost as cute as mom’s.)
4-year old K has the most beautiful hair & amazing blue eyes, I think they might glow.
We laughed through this whole shoot
& enjoyed a 66-degree new years eve!

(dear 6-yr old S: thanks for being such a good assistant/art director!
and don’t worry, I showed your pictures to “the boys” & told them all about you, as instructed.)

 I have a slight obsession with eyes.
They are so beautiful.

Going to Afghanistan…

This sweet mama/photographer called me to see if I could shoot her husband’s deployment.
He was scheduled to leave the day after Christmas…
We got a snow storm & the date was delayed 24-hours.
The weather was nasty – a bitterly cold, windy, sad, sad day.
Everywhere I turned, there were concerned faces, tears, embraces…
…little kids not quite sure why there was tension.
Megan & Jarrod have 2 gorgeous little boys
Big brother wanted to look outside & see the “Ossies” (Osprey) & loved running around in the hangar.
Little brother was happy to watch the action from a cozy spot & warmed plenty of hearts.
Daddy is an osprey pilot.
Military wives are my heroes
They are strong & amazing.
God bless & please protect our Marines.


 you can see the whole thing here

the Matt + Heidi fam

{ meet the Matt + Heidi fam }
An awesome family & such a great couple that even their eyes match.
Yes. They have the EXACT same color eyes.
She loves decór, accessories, ruffles, lady gaga (shhh) & throws a wicked party.
He loves to hunt with the dog, mountain bike & is the best youth group leader ever.
Their kids are beautiful, sweet, hilarious & feisty.
They did awesome & even traipsed through the weeds {in uniform} for me.
Thanks for such a fun shoot, guys!

PS Matt – you may want to frame a big one of you in this next picture to chase away all the boys that will be after your BEAUTIFUL glass-eyed daughters in the near future.

nina + anthony

I had the amazing opportunity to second shoot a gorgeous wedding last month with the amazing Ellen LeRoy. It was such a fun wedding; a gorgeous couple, nice family, beautiful ceremony, an amazing venue & a magical night. Here is some of what I got:

Baby Tallen

{ meet 2 weeks new baby Tallen }
He was so mellow & calm & sleepy…
and still all fuzzy & peely from just being born.
He is a sweet, wrinkly shar-pei of a baby & oh so perfect.
He was a perfect little model,
aside from not wanting to pose on dad’s Navy cover.
Could this new (x4) mama be any more beautiful?
Can I have her skin? It is absolutely radiant
(and let’s not get started about those long, gorgeous fingers).
This is one lucky baby, he’s got some great parents.
And he’ll definitely grow into his wrinkly skin –
with both parents over 6′, Tallen will be a tall’un.

you can see the whole shoot here