Welcome home from Afghanistan, VMM-365

This sweet family welcomed home their USMC pilot husband/daddy in early August after 7 months in Afghanistan.  The littles were so tired & confused at first, as this took place around midnight… but this sweet 4yr old was SO excited by the time his “Captain America” hero daddy got off the white buses. It was a sticky night – it was as if the anticipation & excitement took on the heat & humidity as we waited. The minutes it took for the Marine to find his family felt like hours! I love shooting these tender homecomings so much… I am always crying while I’m snapping away, freezing these moments forever. What a special, amazing job I have.


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Aric + Sally Fam

meet Aric + Sally.

they are pretty awesome & have such a beautiful familia.

We shot these a couple Saturdays ago in their beautiful backyard….

Wow on the awesome photo location!

Their sweet kids were so much fun to photograph –

even if I had to work hard to win over Littlest Sister’s heart.

Little brother is just barely walking & was trying to keep up with his sisters –

he kept me running & focusing like crazy.

What a fun family – swinging with dad, eating cookie dough batter & cereal, playing with mama.

And the best time was hearing about the Sally’s Family Pictures vs. Aric’s Gun(s) purchase.

Looks like this time they both won:

Guns for shooting & shot Pictures.

Wow, I’m pretty hilarious. Ah-Ah-Ah.


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