Frame Maternity Shoot

This session took place at the end of November 2011.

This mama was 37 1/2 weeks pregnant when we took these pictures…

….and looking absolutely beautiful!!

Beautiful Mama is just teeny tiny & had this big baby-basketball under her dress!!

Her sweet baby (not actually a basketball) was a wiggly little peanut & it was funny to see her whole belly move from side to side as the baby moved.

I’m still trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of wordpress & how to make the pictures best for your viewing pleasure….

and I can’t figure it out. But this post is SOOO overdue, so I will post it as it is for now & try to figure out this here new blog format another day.

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Aric + Sally Fam

meet Aric + Sally.

they are pretty awesome & have such a beautiful familia.

We shot these a couple Saturdays ago in their beautiful backyard….

Wow on the awesome photo location!

Their sweet kids were so much fun to photograph –

even if I had to work hard to win over Littlest Sister’s heart.

Little brother is just barely walking & was trying to keep up with his sisters –

he kept me running & focusing like crazy.

What a fun family – swinging with dad, eating cookie dough batter & cereal, playing with mama.

And the best time was hearing about the Sally’s Family Pictures vs. Aric’s Gun(s) purchase.

Looks like this time they both won:

Guns for shooting & shot Pictures.

Wow, I’m pretty hilarious. Ah-Ah-Ah.


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you can view all proofs/order prints from here

And we walked in fields of gold…

{ meet the frame fam }
Frame… such a fitting name for such a frame-worthy photogenic family!
He is an osprey pilot for the USMC.
She is learning to decorate cakes,
that is, when school is NOT canceled…
6-year old S is silly & smart & has the cutest giggle around.
(Well, almost as cute as mom’s.)
4-year old K has the most beautiful hair & amazing blue eyes, I think they might glow.
We laughed through this whole shoot
& enjoyed a 66-degree new years eve!

(dear 6-yr old S: thanks for being such a good assistant/art director!
and don’t worry, I showed your pictures to “the boys” & told them all about you, as instructed.)

 I have a slight obsession with eyes.
They are so beautiful.

grandma & her grandboys

{ my mama }
… she came to hang out & help while the hubs was at officer training
we had a good time with these busy, busy boys
we stopped at a beautiful park on the way to the airport
to try to capture the love before she left
there was a lot of running/chasing by everyone to get these pictures!

ODS Graduation

United States Navy
{ officer development school graduation }
newport, rhode island
5 weeks of officer “boot camp”
to learn the Navy & become an officer
7 people fainted during the ceremony;
it was hotter than sin at 0900,
thanks to the heat wave on the NE coast.


Here is my family for day 2 of the MeRa Photography Workshop that I attended in Jersey City, NJ. Here we are in the shade of the NJ skyscrapers in 90 degree heat on a Sunday afternoon! Meghan was eating up the camera & Sean was my I-dare-you-not-to-smile mission guy. They were a cute family & were also quite understanding of the whole 6 photographers in their spaces & faces thing.
This was my first full day of “I am converted to only shooting in Manual from now on…”