{ meet Miss Maggie! }
her mom is the famous blogger/quilter extraordinaire AmyLouWho
MamaLouWho really likes fabric… it’s a wonder Maggie’s name isn’t AmyButler LouWho.
Maggie is such a little cutie & we wanted to capture her littleness as much as possible.
She loves mama, milk, tickles & her big siblings.
She was barely learning to stand when we took these pictures.
We made a day of it & just hung out at my house & played
& of course took lots of pictures.
Amylouwho is such a great friend-
one you can just talk for hours with & laugh & be yourself & feel so loved!
We both love dentists, wegmans, ikea, photography & baba ganoujh
& playing that blasted words with friends scrabble game on our iThings.

meanwhile, this is going on behind the scenes.
2 harmonicas, 5 kids, 2 moms, a bed & a camera (and a whole lot of crazy!):

after a couple milk breaks for Maggie & some lunch for everyone else, we relocated & re-costumed for some more shots. It was a long day for such a little model, but she was sweet as ever, even past naptime.


One thought on “Maggie

  1. GAH!!! i love them even more this time around! I like to see which ones you picked to feature here. It was such a fun time! And thanks for your kind kind words. you are beyond awesome!!

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