Welcome Home, VMM-266

Last week I had the honor of photographing another USMC homecoming from Afghanistan.
This cute family had made it through their first deployment
& they were so excited to welcome daddy/hubs home!
The weather was perfect & the Marines showed up right on time.
We stood outside on the tarmac & waited for VMM-266
We cheered as 10 osprey flew in formation over us, followed by 4 helicopters.
They circled around & landed… the Marines got out of their aircraft,
lined up for a short speech from their CO & then they cut the ropes separating us from them.
The mama & kids held up their signs & flags & watched & waited –
their Marine found his family quickly & came running in for hugs & kisses.
The kids were so excited & probably still haven’t stopped smiling/putting their sunglasses on their daddy!
Such a sweet family, such a sweet reunion.
The hugs & kisses & teary eyes mean so much
– I can only imagine how long the past 7 months have been for this family (wife!).

I’m so lucky that I get to share these tender moments.
(you can see the whole gallery here)

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