Welcome Home, 1st Battallion 8th Marines

I had the honor of photographing a military homecoming a couple weeks ago.
This sweet family survived a 7-month deployment to Afghanistan
…during which their little girl was born.
There was so much excitement & nervousness in the air that night-
so many families & friends waiting
and waiting
and waiting for their dear Marines.
I’m pretty sure the 3 hours of waiting at the arrival point was almost as long as the previous 7 months.
The kids did great & it was so amazing to witness daddy meeting baby girl for the first time.
I know understand why some countries require military service from all their youth.
There is an indescribable love & a pride & a sacrifice these families have/give
& I am proud to be a small part of this amazing community.
Welcome home, 1/8 & especially to GnySgt Williams.
Thank you for your service.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home, 1st Battallion 8th Marines

  1. Kristen, your photography is amazing, you do a beautiful job of capturing the moment, the emotion. My heart was leaping and the tears were flowing while looking at the pictures. Thanks

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