Cort & Teri Family

{ meet cort & teri! }

{ meet cort & teri’s fam: }

they have a gorgeous white house with the most amazing cherry tree

and it was perfectly in bloom the day of our last-minute shoot.
we were so lucky for nice weather to catch these right before dad deployed
the big brothers love climbing high into trees
(and making funny faces – boys!)
little sister was quite the little artistic director
…she had a vision for how the shots should be styled!
they are an awesome family with so much love
& energy & fun!
plus they have a sweet treehouse. with screens & everything.
thanks for the fun time, you guys!!!
I think my cheeks were as sore as yours from all the laughing by the end of the night.

cort & teri, sitting in a tree…
k. i. s. s. i. n. g….


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