Going to Afghanistan…

This sweet mama/photographer called me to see if I could shoot her husband’s deployment.
He was scheduled to leave the day after Christmas…
We got a snow storm & the date was delayed 24-hours.
The weather was nasty – a bitterly cold, windy, sad, sad day.
Everywhere I turned, there were concerned faces, tears, embraces…
…little kids not quite sure why there was tension.
Megan & Jarrod have 2 gorgeous little boys
Big brother wanted to look outside & see the “Ossies” (Osprey) & loved running around in the hangar.
Little brother was happy to watch the action from a cozy spot & warmed plenty of hearts.
Daddy is an osprey pilot.
Military wives are my heroes
They are strong & amazing.
God bless & please protect our Marines.


 you can see the whole thing here

9 thoughts on “Going to Afghanistan…

  1. These are great! I do love when clients cry because they love their photos… this is a whole different sort of cry though! SAD! I love that you are capturing such a unique part of life, that so many of us don't know. Great job!

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