the Matt + Heidi fam

{ meet the Matt + Heidi fam }
An awesome family & such a great couple that even their eyes match.
Yes. They have the EXACT same color eyes.
She loves decór, accessories, ruffles, lady gaga (shhh) & throws a wicked party.
He loves to hunt with the dog, mountain bike & is the best youth group leader ever.
Their kids are beautiful, sweet, hilarious & feisty.
They did awesome & even traipsed through the weeds {in uniform} for me.
Thanks for such a fun shoot, guys!

PS Matt – you may want to frame a big one of you in this next picture to chase away all the boys that will be after your BEAUTIFUL glass-eyed daughters in the near future.


4 thoughts on “the Matt + Heidi fam

  1. Love them!
    I heart lens flare and back lighting, so I of course love that shot!
    Also, that child has BEAUTIFUL eyes, love the landscape shot of her.

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