atlantic beach, NC

I saw these beautiful sisters while at the beach last week.
They were so sweet in their white sundresses;
mama was kind enough to let me take their pictures.
They reminded me of a line in a LeAnn Womack song:
“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean…”
Big Sister was excited to smile for me,
but Little Blondie got mad at me & ran away…
I took a few pictures, said thanks & ran back to my fam.
…a few minutes later, little Blondie came back
& said “cheeeeeeezzze” in the sweetest voice I ever did hear.
thanks, ladies!

and to the little girls’ mama:
thanks again, you can view more from this shoot here

3 thoughts on “atlantic beach, NC

  1. Kristin! These are beautiful! Are you using your 24-70 for these? And I'm very curious to know what LR presets you're using (if any)… haha, nerdy me. Seriously, love this set!

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