hello, um, is this thing on?
anyone, anyone?
family? friends? random people? soar sisters?

please hold while I interrupt this blog… I need to figure out a few technical things – I need a logo/watermark to slap on my photos, but I know me & I know that will take me forever. because I will spend hours deciding between serif or sans serif & then change it altogether! so you see, I just have no time to do computer stuff these days.

my sister’s wedding was last weekend on one coast & she’s got another reception this weekend almost all the way to the other coast. the hubs is busy as usual & got some bad news yesterday… the little boys are, well, little boys. the laundry & dishes & dust & toy explosions don’t stop.
so… please stand by.
this site will be up & running soon.
yeah. I know this is heart breaking news to all of you (all 6 of you who have actually stopped in!), haha, but come back soon & the pix will be back.



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